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    The project makes use of the widely used Bluetooth technology. It adds to the facilities that Bluetooth offers to its users nowadays, where its users are able to send SMS from their personal computers to the desired phone numbers. The main aim of this project was to explore the Bluetooth layers and gain more experience on how to work with Bluetooth libraries.

    The project can be classified under point to point communication applications, where it mainly consists of two parts, the server/slave side and the client/master. In my application the cell phone plays the role of the server (slave), which waits for clients to connect to it. The personal computer is the client (master), which searches for Bluetooth devices and discover services on them upon the user's request.

    The project provides the user with a simple interface on the PC to write short messages and send them to the desired phone numbers (s) through the user's cell phone. The user can also retrieve the mobile numbers stored in the cell phone's contacts database. The written SMS will be routed over Bluetooth to the user's cell phone to be sent automatically to the user's desired recipients.